Anonymous said: It's okay, we understand! Wishing you luck after college~! Love, anon.

Omggggg thank you /hugssssssssss

Anonymous said: hi ms. iya sorry to bother, do you have the list of sjm performance of swing? thanks ^^


140323 CCTV (YT) (DL)
140327 엠카운트다운 (YT) (DL)
140328 뮤직뱅크 (YT) (DL)
140329 CCTV (YT) (DL)
140330 인기가요 (YT) (DL)
140404 뮤직뱅크 (YT) (DL)
140405 음악중심 (YT) (DL)
140406 인기가요 (YT) (DL)
140409 쇼챔피언 (YT) (DL)
140412 음악중심 (YT) (DL)
140412 CCTV (YT) (DL)
140413 CCTV (DL)
140415 쇼챔피언 (DL)
140415 VChart (DL)

I might have missed a few perfs, so please do let me know! ^^


Assemble by Blule

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We are  r e a l.

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♠ Hello!! :) ♠

Some of you must have noticed my reblogging of none kpop related things (which is the sole purpose of this blog of mine but TT) whenever I go online (which is, by the way, not most of the time too) and with that, I am sorry, really.

It’s not that I am neglecting kpop or Super Junior; it’s just that I am somewhat ‘afraid’ of the major backtrack I’m supposed to do since I probably missed a lot of things in here, though in reality I still keep tabs on what’s been happening to SuJu even though I’m not an active of a fan anymore.

This might not be a very important fact but I am almost graduating from college (YES! Hello real world, here I am!!!!) and a lot of things happened like exams, demos, etc and I just can’t really find a time to dwell on spazzing huhu and honestly I felt like something was missing from me and it really took some adjusting for awhile but so many distractions came and eventually I just moved on.

So the purpose of this long-ass post is for me to tell that I might more of a zombie from now on. Meaning, I will be seldomly going online (luckily, I have a training going on after my graduation on April 30 and the trainings will be wholeday plus I have reviewing for the incoming licensure exams ORZ)

Yes, this is an indefinite goodbye, but I will try my hardest to go online while I’m not yet busy but I might not reblog so many kpop thingys, I’m sorry for that :< Another thing I’m thinking of is just making a seperate tumblr for my personal spazzing needs so the kpop posts won’t be put out by my personal stuffs :)

Have a Happy Easter you all! I hope that everyone of you will find happiness in this which I did.

Are you ready for the world to see you as you really are?

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“I will,” she told him, and if her voice shook a little, it wasn’t only due to jangled nerves.

 A scene from Flames We Never Lit by roboticonography

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Are you ready for the world to see you as you really are?

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Steve crying after Bucky fell

What I love about this, is that this isn’t Hollywood crying (TM). This isn’t the single perfect manly tear of the hero, or the over the top Noooooooooo!!!!

This is real, ugly, in public and still can’t stop, tears down the nose, can’t breathe properly, awful crying.

And I love that we get Captain America doing it. Anyone who thinks Chris Evans doesn’t do an amazing job of portraying this incredibly human superhero, or Steve Rogers is a boring character in these films isn’t paying enough attention.

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Chris Evans


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